A never ending story of success and determination continues . This is how it all began.


The school was founded by one of the first fashion Designers who received her training from renewed fashion schools in Ghana and Abroad. The school has initially been operating as a household fashion house that provides classy clothing to clients and institution. It still offers those services).

The Academy

In the wake of public outcry due to the finest clothes Gensheila produces, the founder Genevieve Terrison listened to the masses, and came out with a training school which will help train as many talents as possible who intends to develop what they have and believe in.

5th March 2018

Hence Gensheila Fashion Academy officially started as a training school in 5th March 2018. However it has to state that hitherto, it has trained people unofficially and they are successful designers today. This goes to say that, Genevieve  A. Terrison is more than capable of helping people to reach their dreams hence the establishing of Gensheila Fashion Academy

Located At Madina New Road Near Rawlings Circle.

Accredited By COTVET ( Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training)