Principal’s message

Gensheila is a high achieving, happy, vibrant and forward thinking school in which talents excel themselves, both academically and socially.

We provide the right environment , human resource and machinery to help you become a well trained fashion designer .

Our core value as a school is Excellence. We believe that fashion in the world today has taken a new trend or dimension, and that is what we stand for. We have a well drilled system which puts you in the level of world designers. We play all the roles in making you what you desire.

At Gensheila, we only want you to dream, and we will make it a reality for you. We offer the best fashion training you can ever find.

Open house

Our Campus is open to all. We welcome prospective students .
You can come on tour to our campus . Just call us 0208166279 to book an appointment . Take advantage of Gensheila to achieve your dream in the creative industry

  • Practicals
  • Theory

Our serene and spacious environment makes your training a fascinating

We have the best fashion lecturers in the country today

Graduate empowered