To enhance learning opportunities for all students by recognising each student's unique individuality, academic, social and cultural strengths and interests.


To heighten self-awareness and enhance self-esteem through acceptance.

Practical learning

We embark on a practical approach to tutoring . A skill base approach methodology

Open school

Open environment to help students interact well with tutors

Fashion Design

This aims at training students to stitch / sew and also help them design their own cloths. It helps students to learn both present and past people who have created a nick for themselves in fashion.This helps talented students to also aspire to become of the best.

Fashion Illustration

This helps to train talent / students in sketching / drawing designs and all other things that relates to fashion. It helps the students to learn more about the human figure, therefore fighting difficulties in creating and sewing a dress to fit.

Business Management and Entrepreneurship

This helps students / talents to learn how businesses are managed, hence planning controlling organizing and directing the affairs of business. It also concerns how to write and draft business plan.

Pattern Drafting

Aims at teaching students how to draft and cut to size their own patterns for beautiful garments and designs